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SCTH gives licenses to 4 new museums in Riyadh

File photo of a Heritage Village Museum in Riyadh.
File photo of a Heritage Village Museum in Riyadh.

RIYADH — The Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH) has given licenses to a number of private museums in Riyadh region after the completion of all the required conditions.

The Commission granted licenses to four new private museums: two are located in Al-Zulfi province, another in Al-Aflaj and the fourth museum in Wadi Al-Dawaser.

This was announced by SCTH Director General for Riyadh region Abdulaziz Al Al-Hasan.

In December, Prince Sultan Bin Salman, SCTH president, approved the executive regulations for antiquities, urban heritage and museums.

The bylaw consists of seven articles, the first of which pertains to investments at tourism spots and heritage buildings, and managing museums and heritage sites.

According to the article, the SCTH is the sole authority responsible for making investments at these sites and operate them directly or by delegation.

The commission can entrust the tasks to other agencies and individuals under its supervision.

The article also calls for the formation of a standing committee to deal with issues pertaining to making investments and operating tourism spots, such as proposing new sites, settling disputes between the SCTH and the licensed investors, and appraising the value of the investment sites.

The second article is related to creating a fund for antiquities, urban heritage sites and museums in order to meet the expenses of their preservation and maintenance, and to set up new museums.

According to the third article, archeological surveys and excavations shall be carried out only after securing a license from the SCTH.

The fourth article prevents any individuals from practicing trading, exchanging and leasing of movable antiques, and traditional heritage pieces without obtaining a license from the commission.

The fifth article deals with the terms and conditions for licensing museums and the procedures for it as well as financial support to museums while the sixth article pertains to inspections and detection of any violations in the law.

The seventh article is related to all aspects of preserving the urban heritage.

According to the article, the SCTH can take, in coordination with the ministries of interior, and municipal and rural affairs, technical and procedural mechanisms to tackle the problems of rundown heritage buildings.

Saudi Gazette