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#images Al-ʿUla from #old #town

A special visit to the old town of Ola, the bride of the mountains.

Photographer Mubarak Al – Husseinh

report The Magazine of Archeology.

(Al-Ula town is located in the north-western part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia between Al-Madina and Tabuk. Al-Ulah in the past was known as (Dydan). It is one of the biggest old urban areas located on the main trade route. Al-Ula acted as a crossroad between the civilizations of India and the south of the Arabian Peninsula and civilizations of Sham (Syria), Egypt and Iraq in the north since the old time until the first century B.C. Legend has it that the sun of this town vanished when Anbatt conquered the north of the Arabian Peninsula and Al-Ula fell to ruins as conquerors took Al Hajar town as their second capital. Here, there are a number of tombs built and engraved in different engineering shapes such as Dydan, Muaieni, Lehyania, Thomodiah and Nabtiah decorations. Also, there is debris of ruined dam nearby with length of 750 meter. One of the Islamic archaeological sites in Al-Ula is the fortress on the top of Al Musa Hill named after the famous Leader Musa Bin Naseer.) “1”

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